WELCOME:The Sisters of the Sacred Heart in the Kenya Uganda Province

The Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus:
The Society

Sacred Heart Sisters Uganda Kenya province

Sacred Heart Sisters Uganda Kenya province

of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is an international congregation of 2600 Religious women serving in 42 countries around the world. The congregation is known world wide with initials RSCJ, derived from the French for Religious of the Sacred Heart. (Religieuse du Sacre Coeur de Jesus). It was founded in France in 1800 by St. Madeleine Sophie Barat. She was born on 12th December, 1779 during the French Revolution. Her parents lived in a small town known as Joigny.Her brother Louis Barat educated her at home while in hiding because of the persecution of his country. At that time there were no Schools open for formal education any where in France. She received all she needed at an early stage of her life. Soon afterwards, she was asked to found the Society of the Sacred heart, which she accepted after a long time of prayer and discernment.On 21st November 1800, Madaleine Sophie aged 21,together with four companions made their first Vows. Sophie was chosen to be the leader of the group. She died in 1865 at the age of 85, when the society had 3,500 members spread to almost every country in Europe, North and South America and one community in Algiers. She was canonized in 1925.
Today, the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is spread in all continents. We are in 14 countries of Europe, 3 of North America, 12 of South America and the Caribbean, 5 of Asia, 2 of Austraria and 5 of Africa, that is Egypt, Chad, Congo, Kenya and Uganda.

TheCharism, Mission and Spirituality:
The Charism of the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is: To Glorify the Heart of Jesus. Byour Charism we are called to make each person we serve aware that he/she is precious and gifted by God; to draw out and encourage that giftedness so that the person may grow in awareness and use their gifts to help others. We are called to radiate the very love of the Heart of Jesus.
Mission: We share in the mission of the Church by making known God’s love, whose source and symbol is for us the Heart of Christ. We participate in the mission of the Church through the service of education in whatever we do.
Spirituality: We are dedicated to the Heart of Jesus, to the deepest meaning of him, to the core, the centre that gives his life meaning. That meaning is love, love that drove him to lay down his life for us, not only in his passion and death but all during his life on earth and after the resurrection and now his body, the Church, the people of God. We Sacred Heart sisters are called to contemplate Christ’s Heart every day in prayer and to discover his love in everyday life, in people who are Christ-like, even if they don’t know it. We are called to make his love visible to others by our words and deeds, by spending our lives for them.
We are called to become the Heart of Christ on earth today, all of us. If our hearts are pierced by the harmful words or deeds around us, we want to pour out love and forgiveness, not revenge, retaliation, rejection. The Spirit of Jesus dwelling in us can make it possible.
As Sacred Heart Sisters we make a vow of education and it is precious to us. It is not the same as a vow to teach. Whatever we do we are educators, for to educate means in its Latin root to lead forth (educare) and it is connected with the heart. We try to lead forth, to draw out of the person we are with, be it a student, patient, client or retreatant, the gifts , the talents, God has placed in their hearts and help them to develop into women (especially) and men who pour out their lives for others above all for those who are most neglected and in need.
Uganda/Kenya Province:
The Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was was invited to Uganda by Archbishop Joseph Kiwanuka of Kampala Diocese. A group of five sisters from Ireland and one from New Zealand arrived in Uganda in January 1962 until 1998 and took over Nkozi TTC from the White Sisters.From Nkozi the Society moved toMasaka Diocese at Christ the King, in Kalisizo in 1964 to 1973. In 197 sister opened a house at Gaba in Kampala and moved to Moroto Diocese the same year. In 1973 they moved to Kalungu G.T.C. and Eldoret Diocese. Then to Nairobi Diocese in 1997 and lastly to Lugazi Diocese in1998.
Today, we have seven communities in Uganda at: Mbuya is our Provincial house, Mbiko inLugazi Diocese is the Noviciate house. Other houses include; Gaba, Kalungu, Kyamusansala and Naoi and Kangole in Moroto Diocese. In Kenya, we have houses in Eldoret, Checkalin and Ngumo and Karen in Nairobi Diocese.
Golden Jubilee
This year in Uganda/Kenya Province, we are preparing ourselves spiritually to celebrate our
Golden Jubilee. It will take place on 3rd January, 2012 at GabaParish in Kampala Arch-Diocese. We are celebrating God’s fidelity and guidance over the past 50 years. We are celebrating the wonderful work done by sr. Freda Killeen and other foundresses who came in 1962 and all other sisters who have served in this province since 1962 coming from all over the world. We also give praise and thanks for the work done by the many of our collaborators, benefactors and friends.
Launching of the Golden Jubilee:We launched the Golden Jubilee of our Province with Mass on January 9th, 2010. This was presided over by His Eminence Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala at St. Mary’s National Major Seminary – Ggaba (Kampala).
In the course of this year, 2011 Golden Jubilee celebrations are expected to take place in our various institutions where out sisters are working. This is to give an opportunity to celebrate with our people who may not get a chance to go to Gaba on Jan, 3rd 2012. We hope these local celebrations will involve our students, alumnae/alumni, parents, our collaborators and friends. We hope to celebrate in Kalungu G.T.C. on 18th June, at Kangole S.S. in Moroto Diocese on 2nd July and at Kyamusansala in Masaka Diocese on 8th October 2011.
We the Religious of the Sacred Heart thank God for our commitment to God, and for all who have worked with us to reach this moment of celebrating our life together as sisters and brothers. May we continue to pray for each other as we continue to serve God in all our Ministries in East Africa.


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